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Welcome to aific!

We are a community for quality-controlled American Idol fan fiction. All pairings welcome, but writers are selected through an application process.

  1. An author will apply by joining the community and filling out our sign-up form in a comment. The applicant is asked to provide a brief fandom history, and links to three fics he or she wishes to be considered based upon. If they so choose, they may also request constructive criticism from the voters.
  2. Their application will be posted to the community, open to everybody so that they can be voted on. All votes must be anonymous, otherwise they will not be counted. Applications will be open to voting for a period of five (5) days.
  3. The application has to receive at least ten (10) votes for the moderators to determine a majority.
  4. If the author receives a majority of "yes" votes, he or she is officially accepted into the community, and will be granted access for cross-posting.
  5. Once accepted, authors are allowed to link back to all of their AI fics written prior to their application in one masterlist post.

Comm created by merusa and preromantics, though at present is being maintained by fakeplasticsnow. Layout by cheapxdate.

This is a public community but you must join to comment. Fic will be locked at the discretion of the poster.

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Contact: For questions, comments or other concerns, please PM fakeplasticsnow.